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Paradise Valley Job Renewed.   
Blue eyed,  Moonspots
DOB:                 Height:  21 inches
Dam: Doublegate Lady's Pheobe
Sire: Doublegate RWB Moonspots
Dam: Paradise Valley Lois Pea Now (B)
Sire:  Paradise Valley Oreo
DOB:  June 26, 2007
100% blue eyed producer

Nigerian Dwarf Breeders 
Below are some of our breeders.  We have correct, friendly, colorful, tiny does and bucks!
Note: Not all of our breeders are listed.   We try to update when possible
Primrose Fields Holly (B)
DOB: 2/18/03
Dam:  HoneyPatch Jasmine
Sire:   Better Blues Red White & Blue
Almost Paradise Lily P. Pad (B) (T) (P)
DOB: 12/26/07
Dam: AGS New Horizons Rambling Rose
Sire:  Doublegate WFBH Joseph
Paradise Valley Lios P. Now (B) (P) (T)
DOB: 2/03/06
Dam: Paradise Valley Talitha
Sire:  Little Tot's Estate Aesculus
Paradise Valley Meadow (B) (T)
DOB: 4/5/05
Dam: Doublegate Lady's Jewel
Sire:  Doublegate RWB Moonspots
Paradise Valley Poppy Seed (B) (T)
DOB: 1/29/07
Dam:Doublegate PAL Poison Ivy
Sire:  Better Blues Jetts Domino
Paradise Valley Primerose (B) (T)
DOB: 3/14/07
Dam: Honey Patch Jasmine
Sire:  Better Blues Jetts Domino
Paradise Valley Ragdol Revived (B)
DOB: 2/17/07
Dam: Doublegate Lady's Pheobe
Sire:  Better Blues Jetts Domino
Paradise Valley Snicker Doodle (B) (T)
DOB: 1/30/07
Dam: Paradise Valley Brownie Delite
Sire:  Paradise Valley Job Renewed
Paradise Valley Repunzal
Dam:  Double Gate TT  Goldylocks   Sire: Paradise Valley Job (B)
Paradise Valley Mistletoe P. (P) (T)
DOB:  Dec 31st  2007 
Sire: Doublegate Joseph
Dam:  Primerose Fields Holly   
Doublegate SCG Sparkles
DOB: 2/28/08  
Sire: Split-Creek SCM Grizzly
Dam: Doublegate 'Gator Secret
Nigerian Dwarf Reference Does & Bucks
Paradise Valley Prisca Royal
DOB: 2/13/04
Dam: Doublegate Lady's Phoebe
Sire:   Doublegate B. Marksman
Paradise Valley Tallitha Cumi
DOB: 4/23/04
Dam:  Woodhaven's Farm Carol Ballard
Sire:  MCH Piddlin Acres Dancer's Libido
Reference Does
These does are just for reference.  They have either been sold or passed away
Pictures have been thumbnailed to conserve space and upload time. Please click on the picture to view it.
Woodhaven Farms Carol Ballard
DOB: 4/7/1997
Dam: Hebron Farms Gabreilla
Sire: Jobi Goldsmith
Primrose Fields Sophie
DOB: 9/18/04
Dam:  HoneyPatch Jasmine
Sire:   Jordan Valley Petey Blue
Paradise Valley Brownie Delight
DOB: 3/06/03
Dam:  Doublegate Lady's Pheobe
Sire:  Doublegate B Marksman
Double Gate Lady's  Pheobie
DOB: 3/3/01
Dam: New Horizons Luck be A Lady
Sire:  New Horizons Buckshot
New Horizons Rambling Rose (B)
DOB: 8/25/1998
Dam:  Honey Patch Jasmine
Sire:   Woodhaven Farms Cuervo Gold
Stelle Ballew China (B)
DOB: 2/4/03
Dam:  Briar Hill Blue Ice Crystal
Sire:   Flat Rocks Settler
Paradise Valley Dew Drop (B)
DOB: 6/7/05
Dam:  Paradise Valley Greystone Beu
Sire:   Doublegate PAL Tornado
Doublegate TT Goldylocks 
DOB: 2/3/04
Dam:  New Horizons Mariah
Sire:  Milky Whey's Tommy Toes
Doublegate Lady's Jewel
DOB: 5/24/02
Dam: New Horizans LUck Be a Lady
Sire:  Ancient Oaks Spook
Doublegate Poisen Ivy
DOB: 3/8/02
Dam: New Horizons Rambling Rose
Sire:  Piddlin Acres Dancer's Libido
Paradise Valley Blue Shadow (B)
DOB: 12/20/04
Dam: Woodhavens Farm Carol Ballard
Sire:  Doublegate RWB Moonspots
Paradise Valley Cookies&Cream (B) (T)
DOB: 9/19/05
Dam: Steele Ballew China
Sire:  Doublegate PAL Tornado
Paradise Valley Jade
DOB: 1/23/07
Dam: Doublegate Lady's Jewel
Sire:  Paradise Valley Job Renewed
Paradise Valley Indigo (B) (T)
DOB: 3/14/07
Dam: Honey Patch Jasmine
Sire:  Better Blues Jetts Domino
Almost Paradise Manifest 
DOB:  Feb 2nd  2008 
Sire: Paradise Valley Job Renewed
Dam: Mountain Quest EE Kahluancream  
Almost Paradise GiGi (B)
DOB: 12/25/07 
Sire: Doublegate WFBH Joesph
Dam: Paradise Valley Dew Drop

Double Gate PAL Tornado
Dam: Better Blues Jett Sea Breeze
Sire: MCH Piddlin Acrea Dancer's Libido *S
very small correct BLUE eyed buck
Paradise Valley Farms Nathaniel
        Height:  18 inches
Dam:  New Horizens Rosie
Sire:   Doublegate Libido

Reference Bucks:
These bucks we no longer have but for reference since they are the sire of many of our goats!
Little Tot's Estate Aesculus. (polled)
DOB: 8/7/03
Sire: Little Tots Estate Pseudotsuga
Dam::  Echo Point Chaenorneles
Better Blues Jetts Domino Blue eyes
DOB: 6/4/03              Height:  23 inches
Dam: Better Blues MS Curry-osity  
Sire: Ground Rush Jettison  
Paradise Valley Bud P. Body (Polled)
Dam: New Horizon's Rambling Rose
Sire: Little Tot's Estate Aesculus.
DOB: 2/1/06
Paradise Valley Oreo Cookie. Blue eyed
DOB: 9/19/05
Sire: Steele Ballew China
Dam::  Doublegate PAL Tornado
Doublegate WFBH Joseph         
Dam: New Horizons Fortune Cookie
Sire: Wood haven Farms Bently Hotwing
DOB: 11/25/05
Almost Paradise Mordecai  BLUE EYES Polled
Dam: Doublegate PAL Poison Ivy
Sire:  The Pet Stork Golden Sunray
DOB:  June 20, 2008
Doublegate MS Silly Girl (B) (M) (T)
DOB: 12/29/09
Dam: Gotta B Kid N Black Humor
Sire:  Doublegate RWB Moonspots
Almost Paradise Dragon P. Fly (B) (T) (P)
DOB: 2/06/10
Dam: Almost Paradise Lily P. Pad
Sire:  Almost Paradise Mordecai
Double Durango Rewind (M)
Dam: Double Durango Diva Dash
Sire: Brush Creek SF Talisman
Almost Paradise Davey Jones (B) (M) (T)
DOB: 3/16/11
Dam: SGM X-Marks the Spot
Sire:  Paradise Valley Job Renewed
Gypsy Moon Dance Tunes (M)
DOB: 5/03/09
Dam: CH MI Sugarcreek VL Western Tunes
Sire: J-Neils Simba
Almost Paradise Andy P. Nuckle (B) (T) (P)
DOB: 2/28/11
Dam: Paradise Valley Ragdol Revived
Sire:  Almost Paradise Mordecai


Adults/Breeders for sale
Adults/Breeders for sale
Adults/Breeders for sale
Mini Nubian Breeding Stock
Almost Paradise Contra (B) (M) (T)
DOB: 3/21/12
Dam: Gypsy Moon Dance Tunes
Sire:  Paradise Valley Job
Almost Paradise Esmeralda (M) (T)
DOB: 5/20/13
Dam: Gypsy Moon Dance Tunes
Sire:  Almost Paradise Davey Jones
Doublegate MS Honey Moon (B) (M)
DOB: 8/06/10
Dam: MI Sugarcreek WK I'm Yours
Sire:  Doublegate RWB Moonspots
Almost Paradise Orchid (B) (M) (T)
DOB: 2/10/12
Dam: Almost Paradise Lily P. Pad
Sire:  Almost Paradise Davey Jones
Doublegate MB Razzle (T)
DOB: 4/4/13
Dam: Doublegate Z Dazzle
Sire:  Kids Corral PB Messenger Blue
General Goat prices:    
 Does  $350 and up   Bucks  $250 and up    Pet Goats (not registered)  $100-$250
These prices are a general guideline.. once born they will be priced accordingly. 
 If you put a deposit on a goat you will be guaranteed first choice for your preference.
You may state your preference and you will get first choice at your preference before I post them for sale.   Example:   Some want a baby out of a certain mom,  others are looking for certain colors and eye preferences.  Some are looking for small and flashy while others are looking for more dairy characteristics for showing.  We raise both.  If you are looking for show and dairy.. I can advise you on which moms you will want.  If you want tiny and cute.. We have small moms but many times dairy capability will be lost due to their extremely small size.

We raise 2 types of Nigerians.. truly mini petite Nigerians and show/milking Nigerians.   WE DO NOT Milk our petite ones.   The biggest demand we have is for our mini petite line. They are truly small and petite.   On that note- understand these goats are Tiny therefore need to be treated as such.. due to their fine build and small size they need to be treated with extra care..  Simply meaning don't drop them, drag them, leave them with no shelter,  allow them to get the chills or pushed around by bigger goats or animals.  Stress is the #1 factor in a goat getting sick..  Don't allow that to happen!.. All the logical aspects of owning a goat apply, but here are areas that some are not as prone to think about, so we are reminding you - any sickness  that can happen to a big goat can happen to small goats but twice as fast.. simply due to their smaller size,  colds will happen quicker, weight loss due to stress or other factors will happen faster.  
If you looking for milking goats or considering showing milking goats..I would NOT recommend our Tiny line.  
If you are looking to raise tiny friendly , correct, unique, rare goat - then our petite line is for you.   Make sure to have at least a 3 sided shelter for your petite goats!
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Almost Paradise Flynn (B) (M) (T) 
DOB: 2/13/14
Dam: Almost Paradise Repunzal
Sire:  Almost Paradise Andy P. Nuckle
Almost Paradise Cattail (B) (M) (T) 
DOB: 3/21/12
Dam: Gypsy Moon Dance Tunes
Sire:  Paradise Valley Job
Almost Paradise Tulip (B) (M) (T) 
DOB: 2/22/14
Dam: Almost Paradise Orchd
Sire:  Almost Paradise Davey Jones
TKS MT RDG Farm Moon Flower (M)
DOB: 4/5/15
Dam: Duff Acres Lizzy
Sire:  Elemental Moonstruk
Lakefront Acres Tootsie (B)
DOB: 3/23/12
Dam: Sawdust TrailMarley
Sire:  Double Durango Seuss
Almost Paradise Shakira (B) (T)
DOB: 3/6/15
Dam: Almost Paradise Esmerelda
Sire:  Almost Paradise Andy P. Nuckle
CritterKidz AC Amazing Grace (B) 
DOB: 12/18/12
Dam: CritterKidz AB Aurora
Sire:  CritterKidz Blue Casper
Lakefront Acres Ghost Rider (B) (M) 
DOB: 2/14/15
Dam: McCord Clan Farm Skye
Sire:  Double Durango Seuss
Doublegate Z Sirius Spots (B) (M) 
DOB: 1/15/2011
Dam: AGS Doublegate Pal Majic
Sire:  NC Promisedland RC Zorro
Jr. Bucks
Jr. Does