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Join the yahoo list to be put on the update list.  Since I have so many inquiries and so many people on the waiting list.  I have created this group specifically for those who want to be put on the waiting list or be updated on what we have for sale.  That way if you no longer want to be on the waiting list or updated you can simply remove yourself from the list.   Those with deposits will get first choice.  After that those on that have joined the Yahoo  update/ waiting list will get to choose,  then the animals will go up for sale to the general public on the website.   I no longer will be keeping a general waiting list.  If you are interested in animals we have or will have for sale PLEASE join the group.  When you join please state what you are looking for. 
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Paradise Valley Petting Farm
also known as North Georgia Zoo & Petting Farm
 Bring your family for a fun time at the petting zoo or join us for a Wildlife Walk!   See lots of baby animals and a huge variety of animals! Located in Cleveland GA.
 For more Info, hours and directions Click Here

Patagonian Cavies 
and Chinchillas 
For more information on this unqiue animal here are some links to articles that may help
Basic info on the Patagonian Cavy
Breeder of Patagonian Cavies for over 15 years.  Breeding for calm dispositions,  good genetics and bloodlines. Cavies are typically seen in zoos but can make good pets if properly housed and cared for.
The key to a good pet cavy is a GOOD bloodline to ensure good personality traits and proper imprinting.  
Cavies are easy keepers and hardy.  They can handle a variety of temperature extremes.   While many keep cavies indoors, it is typically recommended to have an outdoor enclosure also. They can be litter trained and halter trained but this takes patience and time. They are part of the rodent family so they do require proper treats to chew on.
Patagonian Cavies here are started on a bottle and imprinted and socialized from day one.   

Call or email to see if we have babies available or reserve a future cavy baby.

Prices range from $300-$400.

This Page is still in the works so bear with us.
For Sale  
Beautiful Chinchillas!

Friendly Patagonian Cavies.

None available at this time.

 Please email info@minilivestock.com for more info

Reminder: Cavies are not legal to own as pets in Georgia.
This page was last updated on: January 17, 2015
Patagonian Cavies

Male#1 Tan
DOB: 10/6/14
Ready to go: 12/19/14