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Rabbits We raise a few select rabbits each year.  We breed for unique, calm,  gentle low maintance,  small and super friendly.  Since we want to provide the best animals for our petting zoos we found that raising the animals ourselves gives us the certainty that we have the best, cutest, calmest, friendliest animals out their.  It also shields us from bringing in any unwanted pests bacteria etc... throught the years we have chosen the breeds that have worked best with chidren and generally are hardier and calmer.  Some are truely tiny while others are gentle giants!    
Email for availablity.  We typically have bunnies available spring, summer, fall.
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We raise top quality, friendly breeds of rabbits. 
 These rabbits are raised for superior personalities, good confirmation and true to their breed standards.
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Flemish Giants 
Now Availble!
These are our specialty.  We love these gentle giants.  A truely rare breed that can reach over 20lbs.  We have a wonderful group of flemish giants. We also have 3rd, 4th generation cross's that get just a large as the original Giants but have spots! 
Prices: $80 each

Lionhead Rabbits

These little rabbits are adorable. 
They stay small have lots of color and wonderful personalities.  
Lionheads and have a double mane or single mane.  
Prices:  pure breed;  $40-$100 each
Mini Cross:  $25-$50 each
Mini Rex's
These guys are known for the velveteen like fur. They are a little larger then the lionheads and holland lops but their amazing coats are hard to pass up.  They are also one of the first breeds of rabbits I started raising as I was sold on their incredible calm personlity.
We also cross the lionhead's with the rex's as we have found their babies to be irresistable.  They have a velveteen coat but with a fluffy mane!
 Prices:  pure breed;  $25-$65 each
Rex Cross:  $25-$50 each
Holland Lops:  
These are the smallest of all the lops.  
We offer high quality, good genetics, gentle, colorful truely small holland lops.   Prices:  Purebreed $25-$50 each
Holland Lop cross: $25-$50
(we have found some of the cutest bunnies are the lop, lionhead cross bunnies and also the rex, holland lop cross.  The stay small, lots of color but with manes and soft velveteen fur!
We raise rabbits mainly for quality pets.   We do not have time to show them theirfore none of our rabbits are registered.  We do however keep pedigree on our rabbits.  We can guarantee you will be getting a super calm, gentle, beautiful pet rabbit that you will be proud of.   Good quality, CALM rabbits are not that easy to find.   If you are looking for the best personalities in rabbits you have come to the right place.  If your main priority is showing your rabbits and you need registry Their are many quality breeders of show quality rabbits.  Keep in mind a show rabbit is not always the best rabbit for a pet as they are bred first and formost to win in the ring.  We raise rabbits first and foremost for gentle dispositions and good health and confirmation.
Mini Rabbits- General
I have some of my favorite rabbits still here because of their wonderful personalities.   These mini rabbits are crossed back to mini Lionhead bucks and Holland lop bucks to produce a super gentle very cute mini rabbits.  Those cross's  include: Dutch and Jersey Wooly's
Mini Cross:  $25-$50 each
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Flemish Giant Bunnies
These are gentle giants!  If you want to guarantee a flemish giant that will get big and stay gentle these are it. Both moms and dads go to petting zoos with us and hop right up to us for petting. 

 Flemish Giants now available for sale! $80 each Please contact info@minilivestock.com for more info!
Doublemane Lionhead bunnies. 
Great mom and dad. These babies came in different colors and patterns. . 

​$25 each.
Miniature Rex Bunnies. 
None available at this time.

Colors We Breed/Sale
White w/ Red eyes
Caramel Color
Gray full body
Light Gray with whitish belly
Natural Brown
White w/ Gray/Blue eyes