Old English South Down Miniature Babydolls,    
  Miniature Brecknock Cheviots,
Miniature Spotted Harlequins

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  This sheep has it all!   Color, gentleness,  easy lambing,  small size,  easy birthing,  hardiness and more!
I am very excited to be part of the groundbreaking for the Harlequin Registry.  We are working on preserving this breed for future generations.   Visit The Miniature Harlequin Sheep Registry for more info

Our mini sheep are always a delight to all!  Unlike many of the minis I breed It was harder for me to decide what breed of sheep I liked.  Many had their pros and cons.  For me I was looking for a small, light weight sheep and I found that some mini breeds were either to tall or small but heavy bodied.  I was more interested in the fiber,  gentleness,  hardiness,  cuteness  and wanted to stay away from the bigger heavier breeds.  So over the years I have been breeding for smaller, correct, gentle, polled,  colorful,  cute lambs.  I have also found crossbreeding has created some of the cutest lambs that carry the characteristics I strive for.  color, beautiful fiber, lightweight,  easy to maintain  easy birthing, hardiness and more!   I started to cross breed.  I am breeding for color, including bright whites, spotted and blacks, polled (hornless)  really small, friendly, easy maintance and beautiful but low maintance spinning fiber.  When doing your research on breeds you will find that some are simply higher maintance, others are to heavy.  Even though some of my sheep are cross breeds they are all pedigreed, healthy and the cutest, smallest, friendliest sheep around.  We are also a part of several miniature breed registries including several rare breed sheep such as the mini cheviots, Harlequins,  Shetlands and "Old English Southdown Babydolls. 

Breeds of sheep We Raise
and more about them!
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Old Englisth Miniature Babydolls: (pures)  I have had a few of these over the years that were okay but I wasn't really sold on them.. they seem to be a little big or confirmation wasn't real good but then I discovered some of the cutiest, smallest ones out their.  These guys are just too adorable.  These guys are short bodies, fuzzy faces and confirmation is perfect.  I encourage those looking to get into babydolls to look around and do your research.   It seems their are more and more substandard babydolls that are being accepted.  We encourage everyone to come check ours out!  We raise both blacks and whites.
Miniature Cheviots -  These little sheep are adorable and hard to find.  They have a classic sheep look in a small frame with a clean face.  They come in white and black.   They are easy keepers and have great personalities.  They are naturally polled.   We have some great bloodline and focus on truely small Mini Cheviots.   If you are looking for a cute, small, classic sheep see also our shetliots
Mini Shetliot sheep  (Mini Cheviots/Sheltand cross's) -  These guys are amazing they have the tinest babies and soft, beautiful fiber.. We mix the sheltands with the cheviots to create a smaller, even temperment,  polled, tiny sheep. They come in a variety of colors, incredible fleece and light
We are delighted by our cross's- they are bringing the the best of both worlds!  We only have a few lambs for sale each year so reserve early!

General Prices
Miniature Sheep:
Whethers $150-$200
Rams:  $300-$900
Ewes:  $300--$900 .

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Harlequin Sheep: These are our speciality.  We are working hard at helping not only to preserve this rare breed but also to improve it. True spotted, naturally polled sheep.  These sheep are amazing moms,  throw lots of fun spotted patterns,  can be blue eyed and make a great pet, investment or multipurpose small sheep. 
Mini Shetland sheep:    We love our shetlands.  Ours have a light frames,  long wool and lots of color.  We  focus on spotted and patterned sheltands.  We are also now breeding for polled.  We  have some great bloodline and our rams have stayed gentle and easy to handle. These sheep are a primative light weight breed.  They have the tinest babies and soft beautiful fiber..  Shetlands come in a wide variety of colors from browns, tans, greys, blacks and even rare spotted ones!

Hogan is a BLUE eyed Ram!
This is our little ram- isn't he a cutie!
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