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Nubian Breeding Stock

Our Mini Nubians are known for their amazing colors and unique patterns. We have been working on breeding for specific qualities for 10 years now.
We are breeding for good milkers, good confirmation,  longer ears, flashy colors, and blue eyes in a mini size! Many other farms have gotten farther than we have in the generation, but have do so by sacrificing the flashy color. We have decided to take a little more time in order to get all of the qualities that we are looking for. Our mini nubians have been sought after from coast to coast.
Mini Nubians
A fairly new breed.  Recongnized by MDGA, IDGR, and TMGR.   These are wonderful small companion and dairy goats.  Since it is a fairly new breed not all mini nubians have the floppy ears like their pure Nubian relatives but they do have small size, color and gentle personalities.   Mini nubians are created by mixing a Nigerian Dwarf Goat (small dairy goat)  to a Nubian (larger breed dairy goat with the cutest floppy ears!)
I have found these goats to be the best of both worlds!  Gentle personalities,  small size,  lots of color,  blue eyes  and in 2nd generations- floppy ears!  I am sold on this breed and they have been a big hit with children and adults alike at our petting zoos!

Meet our
Mini Nubian Breeders
A large Dairy breed goat with lots of color and the cutest ears of any goat.  Long hound dog like floppy ears! Here we use the nubians mainly to cross for mini nubians but we love our pure nubians as their spots and ears are the cutest.  Our nubians are generally smaller then many nubian because we selected our nubians based on creating the mini nubian.  We do occassionally have pure nubians for sale as I just can't help but have a few select babies born.for their great milking abilities, calm personalities and gorgeous ears and color!   We also enjoy taking the nubians along on petting zoos with us as the guest can experiene the difference in size from a mini goat to a large breed dairy goat!  And or course everyone goes nuts over their ears and color!

Meet our  Nubian/ Mini Nubian Breeders: