Nigerian Dwarf Kids
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General Goat prices:  
Does  $350 and up   Bucks  $250 and up    Pet Goats (not registered)  $100-$250
These prices are a general guideline.. once born they will be priced accordingly.
If you put a deposit on a goat you will be guaranteed first choice for your preference.
You may state your preference and you will get first choice at your preference before I post them for sale.   Example:   Some want a baby out of a certain mom,  others are looking for certain colors and eye preferences.  Some are looking for small and flashy while others are looking for more dairy characteristics for showing.  We raise both.  If you are looking for show and dairy.. I can advise you on which moms you will want.  If you want tiny and cute.. We have small moms but many times dairy capability will be lost due to their extremely small size.
If you are looking for Tiny.. you won't want to pass up on these latest kids..
We have our Tiny line .. all under 18 inches..
Those with a (t) are considered our Tiny line.. these are some truely tiny nigerians.   
We still also have a few available from our milking,  show lines.

We raise 2 types of Nigerians.. truly mini petite Nigerians and show/milking Nigerians.   WE DO NOT Milk our petite ones.   The biggest demand we have is for our mini petite line. They are truly small and petite.   On that note- understand these goats are Tiny therefore need to be treated as such.. due to their fine build and small size they need to be treated with extra care..  Simply meaning don't drop them, drag them, leave them with no shelter,  allow them to get the chills or pushed around by bigger goats or animals.  Stress is the #1 factor in a goat getting sick..  Don't allow that to happen!.. All the logical aspects of owning a goat apply, but here are areas that some are not as prone to think about, so we are reminding you - any sickness  that can happen to a big goat can happen to small goats but twice as fast.. simply due to their smaller size,  colds will happen quicker, weight loss due to stress or other factors will happen faster. 
If you looking for milking goats or considering showing milking goats..I would NOT recommend our Tiny line. 
If you are looking to raise tiny friendly , correct, unique, rare goat - then our petite line is for you.   Make sure to have at least a 3 sided shelter for your petite goats!